Meet Pam

Meet The Author

1. Pam grew up with a book in her hand. So much so that at one point she was denied “new title” holds at the local library, in order to give other kids a chance.

2. Pam has three children, all with their own individual creative attributes, and personal acts of kindness that makes her so proud.

3. Pam is part of the LGBTQ community. She has known her wife since they played soccer together at at age 12.

4. Pam is extremely afraid of heights. So much so that Pam once froze in the middle of a bridge while cross-country skiing, and finally had to be carried off the bridge by a stranger!

5. A lover of animals, wild and domestic, Pam currently has three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a backyard wildlife menagerie.  Frequently seen combing Long Island for Ospreys, Eagles or a rare Snowy Owl, one of her most favorite activities is photographing them all!

6. Pam enjoys sports. She played in the Jr PGA as a child, and also played on a co-ed soccer team (before girls had a team of their own).

7. Most of her story ideas started out being written on bits of paper towel, napkins, business cards and gum wrappers, before they eventually made it to her computer. 

8. A vineyard was once planted in place of where the kids swing-set used to sit in Pam’s backyard. It was aptly named “Swing-set Vineyard.”

9. The local big box stores can restock their shelves with the paper towels from Pam’s basement; hence her reputation for overbuying!

10. One of her coolest wildlife experiences was kayaking in the company of a Minke whale in Nova Scotia! 

More Meet The Author …

Pam Dworetz-Sofarelli grew up reading everything she could get her hands on. This included the back of cereal boxes, record album credits and the telephone book. As well as just about every children’s fiction book before it actually hit the library shelves.

Pam is a mother, author, tutor, vision therapist and occasional Oreo cookie binger who lives in NY with her wife and their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

She never misses a chance to be outside; kayaking, just enjoying the beach and nature, or scouting out Osprey nests and the best lobster rolls on Long Island’s east end. Pam has always loved creating. She is constantly busy writing, drawing, or taking photos. Pam isn’t afraid to allow her vivid imagination to take the lead. Inspired by experiences of her own, and those of her children, it is her value of authenticity that shines through on the pages of her debut children’s book, Archie Finds His Voice. Through Archie and his friends, children will learn the importance of being proud of their true selves while embracing the differences in others.