A delightful tale with a clear, positive message and upbeat illustrations.” – KIRKUS Reviews, continue to full review

“I love that we’re different. You’re you, and I’m me,” is a great one to instill in kids’ brains. Archie Finds His Voice is a positive, uplifting story that will help children find their own voices and celebrate what makes them unique.”Kristine Zimmerman for Readers Favorite, continue to full review

“A wonderful children’s book about so many aspects of both child and adult life – leaving the comfort of home, loving who you are, the need to belong, finding the right crowd, embracing and celebrating differences, and the importance of bringing out the best in people.” – AMAZON Reviewer

“This colorful, heartfelt book won’t disappoint! My granddaughter was having a hard time in school with her peers and I wanted to find a children’s book that lifted her up and made her feel being different is special.. Archie finds his Voice superseded my expectations!” – AMAZON Reviewer

“Simple in its delivery, powerful in its core. Through dynamic animation and poetic narrative, this story effectively conveys a beautiful message of inclusion, love and diversity. Well done!” – AMAZON Reviewer

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