INCLUSION: noun in – clu – sion: many hearts, one community

Teach Kids About Diversity

This is wonderfully informative website. It gives valuable insight on how to address diversity and acceptance with young children.

Inclusion … better together

I have found a wealth of information and assistance for all parents, teachers and advocates. Undeniably educating, supporting and improving the quality of life for ALL.

Talk to Kids About Race

EmbraceRace is a great source for tips to talk to kids about race and our multicultural society. Furthermore, to promote a kinder caring place for all to thrive.

Multicultural Cooking For Kids

FOOD, the universal language! This website has such an extraordinary variety of foods from all areas of the globe. While making it easy for kids to create, as well as gaining a wonderful learning opportunity!

About Me

Hi, I’m Pam. Wife, mom … to both human and canine, as well as vision therapist and children’s book author. I spend most of my time enjoying the company and love of my wife and kids, while nurturing friendships and appreciating the peace within my home and surrounding environment. But this page is created based on my passion for helping people see that inclusivity isn’t about being “allowed,” but rather being valued. I am sharing some of my favorite websites and articles with you!